The Successful Social Entrepreneur: Grow Your Business, Grow Your Impact

Successful Social Entrepreneur
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Every successful social entrepreneur has a unique story. When I interview successful social entrepreneurs on my podcast, they often say something like "My story is kind of unusual" or "I didn't follow the usual path to becoming a social entrepreneur." Yes, it is true that no two social entrepreneurs follow the exact same path. Yet, when you talk to as many successful social entrepreneurs as I do, eventually you realize that there are patterns. As Tony Robbins said,

Long ago, I realized that success leaves clues, and that people who produce outstanding results do specific things to create those results.

Success leaves clues, and so do successful social entrepreneurs. In this course, you're going to explore what it takes to be a successful social entrepreneur.

You will explore the ten phases of the social entrepreneurship journey:

  1. Personal Development
  2. Determine my aspirations
  3. Design the business
  4. Develop the business
  5. Fund the business
  6. Manage the business
  7. Attract and engage customers
  8. Scale the business
  9. Optimize the business
  10. Lead the business

For each of the ten steps, you'll consider several key questions.  Your unique answers will define your individual path to becoming a successful social entrepreneur. You'll hear the stories of other successful social entrepreneurs and how they took on each step in the process. You'll use video, audio and handouts to explore your journey to becoming a successful social entrepreneur.

The course has three options: Basic, Pro and Mastery.

Choice 1: Basic Level Culture Shift Learning Academy

  • Twelve powerful video-based lessons to help you launch and grow your business.
  • Helpful handouts to get you started quickly.
  • Templates, blueprints, swipe copy, cheat sheets and checklists to help you make money and make an impact right away.

Choice 2: Pro Level Culture Shift Learning Academy

  • Everything listed in the Basic Level above.
  • Access to our private Mastermind Group with an exclusive group of social entrepreneurs.
  • Monthly group Question & Answer webinars.
  • Access to eBooks and other publications before they are launched to the public.

Choice 3: Culture Shift Learning Academy Mastery Level 

  • Everything in the Basic and Pro Levels.
  • Monthly one-on-one coaching calls, customized for your unique needs.
  • Weekly coaching via email.
  • Access to new courses as they are added.

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